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Marine Corps Flag & Medal Display Case

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Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass

  • Description

    Product Description

    Solid Oak or Walnut Laser Engraved Service Emblem (included)
    Laminate Panel Back w/ Hanger Crushed Velvet Background
     Personalized Laser Engraving (optional) Inside Dimensions: 18W x 20H
    Accepts Folded 3×5′ Flag (optional) Glass Front

    American made high quality display case for medals and a 3’x 5′ flag. 18x20x3 in. (Flag not included).

    In earlier times only royalty and nobility could afford to own garments of velvet. It requires more yarns to create and a number of extra steps in the process, which adds to the expense of velvet. As the nobility knew and we can still see today some of the richest colors can be produced when dying velvet. It has only been in this century that velvet has become affordable to the masses. The industrial revolution brought with it the chance for the common person to experience luxury that was for centuries reserved for royalty and the rich. 

    A Soft Texture and a Rich Appearance. Velvet May Be Plain, Or The Pile May Be Flattened, Embossed, Crushed, Or Sculptured.  To Crush velvet the fabric must be mechanically twisted while wet. 

    Flags Connections  uses only the finest crushed velvet as the background in our flag cases, awards display cases, and sword cases.

    A Woven Fabric Generally Of Cotton or A Cotton Blend With A Short, Dense Pile Resembling Velvet. Velveteen Differs From Velvet In That It Is Usually Made With Cotton, It Generally Has A Shorter Pile And It Is A Filling Pile Fabric Whereas Velvet Is A Warp Pile Fabric. 

    Flags Connections DOES NOT use velveteen, felt, or other inferior materials in our flag case, awards display case, and sword case products.

    Award and flag display case display Case

    For Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass click Here

     Award and flag display case display Case

       Orders for Marine corps flag medal display cases  are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.

    Award and flag display case display Case


    • flag and award display case : Yes
    • Flag And medal display case: Yes
    • flag and Memorabilia display case: Yes
    • flag and Memorabilia frame: Yes
    • Marine Corps Flag : Yes
    • marine corps flag display case: Yes
    • Marine Corps Flags: Yes
    • memorabilia shadow box : Yes
    • Military Flag and Certificate Holder: Yes
    • USMC memorabilia shadow box : Yes
    • Item #: am#marinecorps
    • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
    • Manufacturer’s Product Number: Marine corps flag medal display cases
    • Condition: New
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